Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cold Wednesday

Gosh, I am so ready for this weather to change for spring and summer, it is cold here and dreary.....does not help when babies have to play inside:((( Olivia and Blake started mother's day out, they love it, they go form 9am till 2pm which helps me get my work done:0 Hannah has had a ruff day today, she is just miserable:( mother has had a hard couple of days, just feeling insecure, she was not sure of Faye again today, she came and sat with me on the couch, which she always sits in her chair, she said, I am going with you, so I took her and Faye and April to lunch, then when we got to her house went in, got her settled, she was ok, then later was afraid of Faye, but Faye had a good talk with her and mother was ok. Mother is just worrying about things and has some paranoia and fear going on, so please pray for her. I am not sure what to do, other then just try to help her feel secure and be there for her when she is afraid......On a different note, April is going to Haiti on a Missions trip in June, she will be helping build a orphanage there, she is going with Summit church, this is where Alica goes to church, Belinda Holiday is going so she will be with Belinda, she is excited bout it. I am excited for her::0 It is in June of this year, she will have to raise about 2000 dollars, so pray the money comes in:) The children went to bed by 7ish and asleep by 7:30 tonight, school helps:) This weekend it is suppose to be warmer and nice, Hannah has a baby shower this Saturday, so that will be fun:)) maybe it will help her feel better. She is a trooper in all this:) Well best get to bed, morning will come early, started with me awake about 6ish to have some quiet time, within minutes little pitter patter of feet were right beside me:) reminds me of when my babies were little, you can never get up ahead of them, they just tune in and know, not sure how but they do! I did manage to get a loan closed today, I really need my listing to sell, so pray they do! hugs and nite!

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