Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday

Big Day for New Orleans! I am having a Realtor Open house today, that is where you feed the Realtor's in the area and they tour your listing, you have lunch at the house:0 Of course we are having Jambalaya, I have a Cajun Mortgage mender who is cooking for us! I have had so much going on, and feeling my body struggling to keep up, I have started my work out program, and wondering if it is worth it:0 but yesterday I was in Tuesday Morning, in which I maybe go in two to three times a year, I bought some candles, when I checked out, I wrote a check and had my DL out, the girl said, OH MY Linda I did not even recognize you, how much weight have you lost??? So that helped me keep on keeping on! Now she must have known me from Real Estate because she ask me about it, anyway it made the day better when I was hurting all over from working out:) Steve left to take Blake back to Van Buren, so I had the day and night to my self, I thought I would sleep so good, but I was awake every two hours, then phone rang at 6:15 and I got up:( so it may just be me not sleeping, I thought it was Steve waking me up:))) I will show property this afternoon, then tomorrow Jenn and Jared are getting new carpet and we will have the girls for the morning then showing property tomorrow afternoon at 1:30, so hope to write offers!
Kay is with mother today, I went last night and took special hot dogs from scoop dog, mother is not much on hot dogs but she did eat it, she is doing well, seems to be laughing more and at the same time missing Walt. I read the best thing on Alzheimer's, I will have to find it and share it. The Dr. said it is like taking a piece of paper and making a line from one corner to the other, then start erasing the line form the bottom up, this is what happens to the memory's, and this is why it is hard for them to have a time frame of incidents of their life, I can see this with mother on Walt's death, she has no time frame there. As time goes this effects all parts of her body and brain. But for today she is doing well, she is healthy, and happy:0 Well guess i need to start my day....hugs and have a great day!

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