Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday and yes it rained!

Seems like it rains most Tuesday's, we have property tour rain or shine, today it was cold and rain! I will be so thankful when it warms back up! I have froze all day. I did the sales meeting today then went on tour then had a Brokers meeting then listed ahome in Maumelle, came home and my sweet Jill had cooked dinner, I was so glad cause Tuesday is always a full day for me, Got the babies bathed, Mark had left to go back to Van Buren, Hannah was PG sick to her stomach, we all appreciated Jill's good home made dinner, sour cream chicken and a real good green bean dish with home made rolls:))) yum yum! we chowed down, Jenn is at her Nanny's so Jared finished the chicken dish off:) He and Steve are watching basketball and I am ready for bed, it is 9:30ish and my day started at 6am with feeding babies and getting them off to school and mother's day out:) Max has done well in school, he adjusted so good to the move, he did cry today when Mark left, it is probably harder on him then he lets on:( Hannah went to the Dr. yesterday with contractions, she was thinning out but all was ok and it was braxton hicks contractions, she will go again this Friday. On a sad note, I have a cat nala, she is missing, I am not sure if she decided to leave due to all the commotion here and Hannah's dog or what, but I pray she comes home, she is a out side cat. Well it's bed time for me...so nite

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