Monday, March 14, 2011

Hope I can walk tomorrow:)

You would think I am having a baby, I have been nesting all week, and now have all in order for Hannah to come home and Baby Luke to get here:) I went to the store last night, then cleaned, painted and washed today, I am totally ready, but my elbows are killing me and my back is trying to go out, I can barley walk from all the cleaning, but you can eat off my floors, there are no cob webs, and all sheets and bedding have been washed, my windows clean and so are the blinds, closet is straight:) I have fresh flowers in guest room, kitchen and den and a pot of daffodils on my I am ready:) My cleaning friend was to come on Tuesday but she had a painting job so that came first, so I decided I would do it:( and now I know why I do not do heavy cleaning any more:) Then we left to come to the condo and I really need this time, I will list a condo here tomorrow and take pics, get it ready to be on the market, a great deal for someone wanting a place to retreat to, its wonderful in FFB, the pool is state of the ark, lake ten minutes away, life slows down here:) so come and be my neighbor! I did call the Heart Ctr. to get a massage tomorrow, just a Swedish one to relax and help me keep my back form going out:) It is so cold here, and I did see some little snow flakes:) I about froze, I did not bring a coat with me but had on warm ups with a t-shirt on too. My mind can relax tonight and sleep well, mother has Kay there so I know she will be fine:)) Mother is usually always on my mind and I never turn my phone off, so when Kay is there or April it seems I rest better:) My word it is sooooooo quiet here, only the stars and deers around, the brush of the trees when the wind blows....boy am I gonna sleep good! Night and Hugs

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