Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fun weekend

Today is so pretty, we have had a full weekend, Hannah had her baby shower, Jenn out did her self in decorating everything, her best friend Belinda helped give it,t hey both are such a blessing! Aunt Marie and Luella came, mother was glad to see them, they went to her home afterwards, she enjoyed that. Hannah and I went to Casi Hudson's baby shower today, she is our friend who ya'll have prayed fro her last baby, Kenadi, she past away, she was born with several problems, so we are excited this baby is healthy and normal, they are due almost the same time. I am going to mother's in a little while and take her over to take Kay her birthday presents, this is her birthday, hope she is home it is a surprise:)) This morning we had a great service at Journey, Alex is preaching on Worship and it is so good, it really puts things in prospective in why, how we worship the Lord. Best run just wanted to check in with you, well guess we will not go to Kay's just got a text she is going to Maria's to spend the night with her and Peggy for her birthday, they are her life long friends:) hugs and hope your day where ever you are is as nice as here, 84 and sunny, windy!

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