Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Well I did sleep real good at the condo Monday, got up Tuesday, worked Real Estate and took pics of the condo I listed, then went and had a massage,so I could walk from cleaning:) went by this neat store in FFB and got a bright yellow spring/summer purse:0 I love that shop! Its the sweet Shop there in the Bay. The we got the phone call form Hannah that she was having contractions and on her way home, driving her self! Now this is not because Mark did not want to come, this is because she felt she needed to come right then and could not wait on him to get off work and ready, I told Mark next time something like that happens, she is not thinking clear and tell her no:) Steve and I left FFb and went and met her on the freeway, because her contractions got worse:((( so she and I went to labor and deliver at Springhill Baptist, her Dr. is there and she is to deliver there, this is the Dr. who has delivered her babies, so she wanted to keep him, knowing she was 2 1/5 hours away, normally Hannah has no problems and knows when she goes into labor so based on previous pregnancies, this should of worked ok:) but Baby Luke has his on mind. Hannah was not able to keep hydrated which would cause her to contract which was causing her to dilate, so they gave her two bags of IV's and watched her, knew the baby was fine and with fluid Hannah would be ok, they got the contractions stopped, she did this Friday and went to ER in Ft. Smith, she knew she was 32 weeks and its too early for Luke to be born, he could not suck yet or breath on his on at 32 weeks, he needs to stay where he is for a couple more weeks, so that is our goal:))) This is the first day in two weeks that she has not contracted and actually feels better, she has had a lot of fluids, her hand is never empty:) She brought Blake with her and let Max and Olivia with April and Mark, Mark will come when he gets off Saturday till Tuesday, then he will go back to his home and Hannah stay here, she will go to her Dr. Friday, she will probably remain here until she delivers, this is hard on Mark and Hannah and the kids, so pray for them, next week is spring break, they had planned to come, just not to stay. We will see what her Dr. says, but trying to get here in labor is about unbearable for Hannah and makes me a nervous wreck:((( Glad I had everything ready! Today I did take her to get pedicure and manicure, and tomorrow a pg massage, I am a firm believer the touch is healing and makes you feel better:)) Needless to say my trip to see Mama and Connie is off, I do not want to be that far away and something happen, just to much stress for me.....Tomorrow I am doing a motivation class at 10 am, I am about 360 from feeling motivational, so the Lord needs to do something:) and He will:) guess that is motivating! Then have a retirement lunch for a Realtor who is a icon in Real Estate, then work, have a roast to put on in the morning for dinner:) Best run, I am so ready for bed:) HUGS!

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