Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday and ready for bed

This week March 1st., I started working out, lifting weights and working on lean body mass......then joined women who run, on Tuesday night and Thursday night, I walked/jogged every day a little bit, and really feel like crap....I am sore and cranky and just flat tired. I know this will pass but I am thinking maybe its ok to be where I am at and just stop.......which I do not think I can do either, because my dumb butt ask our company to pray for me this month as I really work hard getting into better shape and getting 10 pounds off! So the end of the month I am to wear my blue top that is snug and it needs to be loose:) I have to have accountability to continue this journey, it has not been easy and the last pounds are hard to get off:(( so keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Hannah came into town Wednesday, Mark got to spend the night with his brother in the hospital, his brother is doing so much better, thank you for your prayers it was serious, his little bother Jacob who is 25 years old has CF, so pneumonia is major for him, this is the first time he has ever been in the hospital, he was pretty sick, God was faithful! Thursday Sean came over with Cole and Hannah's children were here, Jared's three girls and Jenn, we all played out side, it was a beautiful day. We cleaned out flower beds and trimmed my crepe myrtle, they were a big help! April was here too and she was for sure a huge help! Today I worked and then came home and griped, just down right fussy, tired and ready for bed. Blake stayed with us,he is just too sweet, I got him some new clothes today and he just looked so cute, his blue eyes just shined, he played at Peyton's most of the afternoon, I came home from a meeting and my tummy was upset, so just sat in chair drank some sprite, Steve's sister Patsy and her husband Donald came by and brought pics of Steve's mother and daddy and baby pics of all them, we will get prints made fro us:) Steve loks like his daddy. Then I finished setting appointments for showing tomorrow, I have three different buyers to show property to and its suppose to rain...ugh!! Maybe it will hold off, although I start at ten with first buyer, second at 1pm and third at 4:30, exciting to be able to show property with buyers!! I am thankful! best get to bed...hugs..oh yes, Victoria made Cheer leader at her school, this was a major thing for her, she did not think she would make it, of course I knew she would:))) Steve got his stitches out of his arm and is doing well:) hugs nite

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