Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Making it:)

Worked hard first part of the week, came home to babies and cooking and cleaning and getting babies in bed:) Mark was here and his mother Regina so it was not too bad. Today took Hannah to get her hair cut, it looks real cute, although she got sick while there, she has had a hard day today, contractions and sickly, Mark left to go home and Regina left today to go home so its just us. I am reverting back to when my babies were home, gotta have a schedule and be the mother right now, so I do have m y wooden spoon:) Regina ask me last night was I going to spank Blake, I said yes, I am, he was told not to get out of bed:) she does not spank hem but if I have them here this long its more of a mother role and I have to take charge or they will run all over us all! They are good children just getting settled to being here. Peyton has loved having htem to play with, Victoria was here and that has been a big help too, now if anyone one wants Max, Blake or Olivia to come play all you need to do is call me and I can get them right over:))) Went to the store today, and did some work but its was a pretty easy day. I am tired and taking one day at a time in all this life change for me, but for now its going ok. Regina got all the baby clothes washed up, and she and Hannah sorted them, so we are getting closer to being ready. Jenn and Belinda are giving Hannah a shower the 2nd of April, she has most things but more to honor her:) I took Laila to mother's this afternoon, she just loved on her, she really enjoyed the visit, we had her deck power washed and stained, it looks so good:0 We were to go and meet Connie and Mama tomorrow and I am sad that we are not able to do that, but with Hannah in the shape she is in, I could not get that far off, so we changed our plans. Hannah has made it another week:)))
Taking it one day at a time;))0 hugs and nite

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