Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday and full of sass!

Today has been a full day, started with me going to the office to get five five agents open house material ready, they are holding my listings open:) Then went to Journey church, which was real good, Alex is preaching on Worship:) then lunch with my boys and their babies and family, except Sarah and Cole, Cole was sick:(((( we went to Carrino's, then I went and picked up a high school friend and we went to a planning meeting for our 40th reunion. Went to mother's when I got home, Faye had cooked so I ate with mother and visited for a long while. Mother was ok, she said she is lonely, that she was happy to see a familiar face, which meant she was not realizing she knew Faye:(( we talked about the same thing we always do :) when I left she was happy and asking me to come back tomorrow, in which I will:) Kay spends the night tomorrow, so mother will like that:) after that I went to the store because I had time to do it, Hannah and family will be here the end of the week so i got everything I will need to cook all week, then the 24th I am taking mother to meet Mama and Connie, we will spend the weekend together:) Alicia and Steve will go with mother and I, mother will love seeing mama and her sister Connie. I am looking forward to that time;0 Tomorrow I am going to Fairfield Bay to list a condo and work form that office for a couple of days then back Wed. and have to teach on Thursday and Board meeting Thursday, then Hannah will be here:) for a week, so it Will be a busy time with work, Hannah and mother:) but Hannah is a priority because it is too early for Baby Luke to arrive here:) Well best run and get to bed while the house is quiet:) hugs and nite

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