Sunday, March 27, 2011

Living life totally different

Long gone are the quiet days or nights, we have three grand babies and Hannah, on the weekends Mark and of course the dog Dually here with us. We totally enjoy all of them but at times feel a bit over whelmed with it all, in which Hannah is doing better she is 34 weeks now and she is able to do more to help, but the week has been full of cooking, cleaning, laundry, baths, and kids squelling, playing,crying,just full of life:) I am trying to balance it with my work, so glad Steve is retired or we could never pull this all off, I am ready for sun and warm days again, the rainy ones are a little much;00 We called Belinda to pick up Olivia for the night on Saturday which was a much needed break, she and Blake are a hand full together, but very funny! Alicia took Max today to Jack's baseball tournament, he had a great time, he will start school tomorrow and Blake and Olivia will start mother's day out, this will help. I have to get some real estate sold, so please pray I do, I need some pay checks! I have a home I am listing this Tuesday so that is great, it will be a busy work week for me, so I pray it goes smooth. Mother is doing about the same, just Kay and I coping with the fact she does not know us most of the time....:(((( but she is doing good physically. All is well here just hanging in there, I will miss all this when they are all back home:( I do feel better, my sinus have been infected:(( I did read a great book, Heaven is for real about a little boy who went to Heaven, easy read and good book!! Hugs and nite

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Alex and Jill said...

You're a wonderful Mother/Nana to do all that you're doing. Love you!