Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Favorite Child

Years ago I heard a story about a man and his friend, the man had several children, his friend and he were sitting out in the breeze of the evening, the friend ask, you know you have several children, I know you have a favorite child, which one is it? The man thought and thought for a few minutes, then slowly said, well, I guess it would be my Oldest, Alicia Jean, she and I work together, she is always a inspiration for me to watch her, she is driven in the midst of Real Estate deals, recently she had to tear out all her sub floor and in den and some in the kitchen and most in the bath, she was so down about it all, she had such anxiety, I was able to walk with her through thiis ordeal with her, I guess you could say she......well, now let me think, my son William Sean he may be, he is going through a struggle right now with his work, he is hanging on by a thread, I encourage him to keep hanging on, it will get better, Sean is one of my children who struggles in some of the same ares I do, so maybe I would say he is my favor......well, again Alexander Steven my son, he just took on a new career, he is having to be out of town alot and I see him struggle to juggle all his plates in life with being a Pastor and work full time, a daddy and husband, my heart broke with his several times in his life, he is so blessed with his wife and daughter, I guess I would say Alex is my favoooooo, hummmmmm, now let me think Hannah Elizabeth, is having such a hard time in her life right now, she is 32 weeks pregnant with baby Luke, she has been told by her Dr. not to leave town, house rest for now, she has had premature labor twice now and ended up at hospital, then bed rest, she and her family live in Van Buren, 2 1/2 hours away, this means she needs to uproot her family, leave Mark her husband at home, live with us right now, she physically is not able to care for her children and not go into labor, it is too early for baby Luke to be born, I am here for her in the midst of her struggle, so its her for sureeeeeeeeee, Gosh! I have a son Jared Louis, he has struggled with having to work long hours being away from his family, his sweet wife has had her hands full with three girls, I love helping them with the girls, such a blessing Jared just changed positions in his job and will have normal hours, Jared is my child who holds it all in, but when he has had enough he blows, so maybe he is my favoriiiiii, NO, I really think it is my youngest daughter April Rebecca, she is trying to find her way in life right now, she struggles with making the right decisions, my heart hurts for her when I see her struggle in so many areas, April lacks self esteem in the fact she is smart and can do anything she desires to do, she has proven that this week in helping her sister, becoming a mother to three children, she is for sure my favoriiiiii, let me think, in saying all this, I realize they are all my favorite, they are my life, I love them all, may look lke I love one more then others sometime because I realize that when each of them is at a point of need, then they are my favorite at the moment and get my attention as their when your a mother and being torn between what to do in life, sometimes the "need of the one out weight the need of the few"( advice from Spock) you have to know which child is in real need, be there for them the others will be fine, they will have their turn in your favoritism:) this works in friendships too:) In my life right now I am doing a fast dance with Jesus, trying to not step on His toes and lead:) I just want to keep my hand in His as he twirls me so I will not fall:) hugs

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