Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

Today started with me making Blake some pan cakes, then Hannah was nauseated so she had Sprite, she woke up not feeling good:( having some contractions but not bad or real ones. I had a class I was to do at 10:00 on Motivation, I had thougth OK Lord you are going to need to help me be motivated, then the song I love, God is unchangeable, unstoppable, HE IS OUR LORD!! just lifted my spirits, I went to the class shared some of that song with them, said you know if you are offended when I teach, because I talk about the Lord then just do not come to my classes, because with what I have going on in my life, God is my motivator and He is the one who gets me going, so I can not help them if I do not rely on Him:) It was a great class, I was so encouraged by the agents.....I was blessed by doing that class today!! Then had retirement party for Francille Turbeyfill, such a wonderful lady!! Enjoyed seeing some good friends! Mother had to go to dr. today she has a rash, Kay was able to take her, she weighed 126 pounds! She is at her healthy weight, so we do not want to gain any more:) He gave us some cream to put on the rash. She is doing well, its just hard to see her not know us sometimes, she is changing fast in my opinion. Then came home and cooked diner, took some to mother and faye, I had put a roast in the corck pot so we had creamed potatoes, roast, mac and cheese and corn, salad...ate real good, so do mother and Faye:) Now mr Blake is ready for bed and so am I, Hannah is in bed, we see dr tomorrow:) Mark will be here Saturday, Hannah is missing her other chidren and Mark, Regina, Marks mother comes Sat. till Monday so she Will get to visit with the babies:)) of course Hannah can not do much but sit, lay and rest and drink lots of fluids:)) well best run....oh yes, I forgot to say, I got a offer on my million dollar listing today!!!!!

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