Tuesday, February 1, 2011

loss or gain? what motivates you?

Whew!! It is cold here but no snow, rained like a blizzard with high winds, was very hard to drive in:( But I did list a home today and will list one tomorrow, you never know where business comes from, a friend on face book ask if anyone had space they could use for a car wash to raise money for his son's baseball team, which I found him a place, his mother in law called me today to list their home!! So you just never know...I prayed for listings this week, I need some so I can get buyers and make some deals come together, that is how I stay in business, there is a saying if you do not list, you will not last......also Realtors never retire, they just become listless:0 so there you go!
Ok, here goes what I want to talk about on motivation...........we are motivated by loss or gain in our life. If you want to know what motivates you and how to keep being motivated then figure out which one motivates you....I for one am motivated by gain, I love contests, I love to go on trips, vacations, I love to be able to give to others, so if someone is wanting to motivate me, offer me a contest, show me some one's need, ( such as car wash ) plan a cruise or vacation and I will work, work, work to get there from here.........but tell me, if you do not do this you will not have this, and I will say, ok, guess I just do not have it then. So when one is motivated by loss, it would be they not wanting to lose something, such as a job, a home, a vacation.........they will work because they have to and want to maintain their status quo........I will work because I want to play:0 Plus I love being a Realtor........so what motivates you? Are you motivated by worry about losing what you have? Will you go the extra mile to maintain? If so you may be motivated by loss, you look at what will happen if you do not keep on keeping on. If you are motivated by gain, you look at what you will do with your life and you will keep on keeping on, if you are told you may lose this if you do not do this, you may not care, you may say will I will just do something else, or go some where else, because when people take things away from you it does not push you into motivation, you simply turn a different way and make it work, you are motivated by gain. So look at your life, personally, physically, spiritually........when I made a life style change in my eating habits and my exercise habits, I was motivated by gain, I wanted to not be embarrassed about my size, I would dread if I saw someone who I had not seen for years, this year I am helping plan my 40th reunion, I was motivated by gain, I gained my confidence back, I gained my life back! I have seen, especially with teens that they are motivated by gain, example, you can take away the car, phone, tv, what ever and they may not change, but you offer them to go to a concert or out with friends, phone and they will strive to please and meet the goals every time! There is no right way to be motivated, just know your self, so you will recognize when you are spiraling in the wrong direction, then do what motivates you! I think as your older your priorities change, if you have a traumatic life illness in your family it changes you, after Jared had cancer, my life changed, what was important was not important, I realized real quick how your life can change in a moments notice, I learned then to hold all I have in a open palm, then the Lord is free to add or take away, you can never out give the Lord and He will always provide for you, so you are always taken care of:) If you hold it in a closed fist, He can not add or take away and you will always have what you have, probably miserable if I remember correctly:0 So take it from me and look at what keeps you ticking in your life and give it all to the Lord, He will direct your steps, for He knows us inside and out, every hair on our head and holds every tear we cry! So thankful! hugs and nite

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