Monday, February 28, 2011

Dancing with God

Sunday Alex preached a message that really got me to thinking, he talked about walking with God in our daily life, then he said he thinks it is more like dancing with God, I went on the think of that literally, and realized God holds you, you follow His lead and life is a dance with God....its is that simple! It is when we try to lead, we get into trouble...I love the thought of dancing with Him instead of step by step, I know He always leads us.....but that just makes me feel like He has me snuggled right into His chest and he is leading me in the dance of my life.

I have seen the note I posted at the top of the blog several times, and have often thought of it......always have different answers:0 but it does make you stop and think.

Today has been a good, day, working on new listings, trying to put together a deal on a Apt. complex I have listed :) would be a major deal for me:) April came over after being at mother's for the night, mother was very confused today, maybe all the hoopla over the weekend, her mind my be really tired. She looks so good, she looks like my mother now, had we not intervened when we did, I have no doubt she would be dead. God knew what she needed and He took care of her. Walt would not allow us ot do much for them and mother was so under nourished, Walt had a plan they would die together, I am thankful God had a different plan:) I miss Walt, I constantly ask my self, is this what he would of done? He was a good man and totally took care of mother. Well got a full day tomorrow, Mark's brother is in the hospital so please pray for him, he has a lung infection which is not good....please pray. Steve is healing up ok, this time its a little harder, maybe cause he just had surgery a few weeks back, he had a hard day today, but is doing good. Looking forward to spring but not bad weather, we had a earth quake last night 4.8! Ugh!!!! makes me a little nervous, checking on earth quake insurance:) Its only about a 100 a year, Shelter who is my insurance said you had to wait 30 days form last treamer, but State Farm will write it and do it now, for about 100 a year, so guess who I will be calling! hugs and nite

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