Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Terriffic Tuesday!!

IF your ever down and need a pick me up, go to lunch with these two, you will laugh till you cry!!

I could barley sleep last night, even though I was dog tired, I was so excited about sales meeting, I shared some of what I will share in my motivational class tomorrow, I played a clip form the movie, Facing the Giants. I loved, loved, loved some of the quotes the coached had in that movie, if the death crawl in that movie does not motivate you, then you need to check your pulse! If you walk around defeated, so will your family, friends, YOU are the most influential person on your team, you may be the only one on your team, YOU determine the outcome, can you count on your self?????????????????? Boy, these are some strong words, will make you stop and think. You know the saying, we are what we eat??? Well, we are what we think! We have to be very careful not to let negative in our life, get rid of it! Who needs it? When you think you can not go any further, always stretch and take one more step! If you have not seen that movie its worth your time to watch it. We had a major real estate week as a company, I know Alicia has done over 10 offers and 5 in the last 48 hours, I did 4 or 5 and two listings, showed property and have property to show and two more listings to list this week, it is a BUSY time.....you will not hear me complaining! I told the agents today, when they get home at night and their vocal cords are not tired then they have not worked, when you talk to 60 plus people a day and explain 20 pages of contracts on each deal several times a day you are too pooped to pop....no wonder when I get home I do not want to talk on the phone, my friends/family will ask why I do not call them back, by the time I finish a day like today I am too tired to talk, so it has to wait till the next day, unless of course it is a ER then everything stops to be there if needed:) We had a long property tour and I had lunch with Michele Hagerman and Alicia, two of my favorite people and I had french onion soup...yum yum!
I announced today on FB that I will be starting a ladies 12 step group in April, with another lady friend of mine, Stepanie Stoltz, be in prayer about this group, I am excited to do it because I gained so much from it when I did it, its a long commitment and really makes you dig and work on your habits, hurts and hang ups....we will meet on Tuesday nights at Thatchurch.com on Kiehl, with that said if you want to be a part please let me know, nursery is provided. I have had some negative thoughts today but stopped them before they came out of my mouth, I am making a conscious effort, if I do not have something nice to say, to keep my mouth shut:0 This will be hard for me, but I am believing that God will help me with it:) It's harder when I am dealing with work related issues. Well, if your struggling in your life, hang in there, If you are not where you want to be in life, you can not keep doing what you are doing and win, Decide today to be different! Hugs and nite

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