Wednesday, February 2, 2011

middle of week and still much to do:)

I have a full weekend ahead of me:) Today I worked, listed a home and went to step study, we have two more classes, then will do leadership training and lead a step study in April:) It has been a very positive experience for me. Tomorrow I have to shop for what we will need for a pre and after party at our Awards for excellence Banquet, for the Realtors. It is always a fun time and I am thankful I am not the chair person this year:)) That made me a nervous wreck last year, talking in front of 500 people......again so relieved this year it is some one else:) Then we have Mikka's one year old birthday party Sunday, hard to believe she is a year old! I have some girlfriend time planned with Sherry, Pam and Dinah.....looking forward to that time together. Steve will have surgery the 10th on his other arm, he has done so well, I am thankful they can do so much now days, he is getting some relief. In today's paper the obituary stated Leo Branch past away, his memorial service was today, this is the man mother married a few months after daddy past away, this was not a very positive time in our life:0 but hated to see he past away. Mother is doing better with themed changes:) It is too cold for her to be out, but she is fine to be home in front of her fireplace, she loves it! I have not seen her today and that always makes me worry about how she is, but I know the care giver would call if there was a problem:) tomorrow and Friday will be extremely busy for me, so I will run by for a little while tomorrow. I am tired and ready for bed, Blake is fast asleep and Steve is watching NCIS, so its bed time for me....nite hugs

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