Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wedding Day!

Today April Bivens will marry Matthew Bale, so excited for them both. I am looking forward to having a afternoon and evening with my mother, I am actually not taking calls, I have another agent taking my calls, so I can totally focus on my time with mother, I have her a load of new clothes to try on tonight:) She went from 00 to size 10! Has gained 40+ pounds and looks human again:) not a pile of bones. I will take plenty of pics so you can see how good she looks! I have managed to make it through my pity party and finished the day yesterday, ending it eating dinner in bed and popcorn and falling asleep during the movie:) loved my time with Steve, guess y feelings are better:) I never stay mad.....never could for long. Guess that can be a blessing. Maybe he will learn from my good behavior:)))) tee hee

Today is so pretty out side, it is cold, but sunny, I am going to get my nappy nails done so I can look my best for the wedding too, then go to mother's to get her ready, her care giver Faye was in the hospital for two days with a potassium problem, she will come tonight and spend the night, so I can be home with Steve, he is doing real good, just needs rest and take his pain meds. keep arm elevated. This will be his last surgery for awhile, we think:) He has had his share of problems. I am trying not to use my voice so much so my vocal cords can heal, they are strained, must of been when I did not have much of a voice and I kept talking;(( you have to talk in my line of work, plus I could blow up, not sure which is worse not talking or blowing up:) I hope you have a great Saturday!! love and hugs

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