Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gotta get well!

Last Sunday I started getting a cold, I had gotten better, to only feel bad again, today I got up, got ready for church, felt bad, had a sinus headache, on the way to church got nauseated, had Steve stop and get crackers, then had to leave church early to come home and do a sinus flush take meds. and go to bed......UGH!!!!!!!!! The worst part is I have not seen mother all week, she has been doing ok, but had some ruff times, she could not remember her care giver, when Kay was there she did not want to be left alone with someone she did not know:(( of course Kay handled it perfectly, and by the time Kay left mother was ok with Faye, hugging her, mother told Fay she would not want to hurt her feelings for anything but just did not know sad! I made some pics of mother and her care givers for her to have and look at when she feels that way. I was going to the Alzheimer group last week but it was canceled due to 8 inches of snow:( Needless to say I am putting "I love snow days" plates, door hanger, snowmen up." I am tired of snow days, but it has been pretty and I sat inside all week and watched it.....just ready for spring and summer, anything warmer! Hannah went to the Dr. and her sugar was high so she will come back this week for the four hour test, she has done this before, but they were concerned because she had gained seven pounds this month, in which she had not been gaining much before, she also had her placenta in front of her cervix, it needs to move, she will have a ultra sound to make sure it has, so pray it does, if not she will have a c-section:(( I have a dear friend who is has a mass in her pancreas, she will under go test this next week, keep her and her family in your prayers, seems like a lot going on that needs prayer:) Thankful for a loving God who answers our prayers! I have a full week this week and hope I feel much better......hope you and your family are well. Just checking in with you:0

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