Thursday, February 24, 2011

too many plates to toss......pitty party

Ever feel like you have too many plates to keep in the air, tossing them around and hoping not to let one fall? That is where I am, work is so busy for me right now, I have Steve having surgery in the am, and a listing appointment for over 1.5 million at 1:oopm that I made, because I forgot Steve was having surgery, then mother to get her hair done at 3:15 for April Bivens wedding, Alicia will bring Steve home form hospital and Connie will take mother for me, I got that worked out:) today I had so much on my plate with work and was totally wore out felt I could not take one more step so I laid down for a hour, then the storms came through and I totally forgot to make a deposit that Hannah had given me to make in their account, which unless God just does a miracle will cost some money because they had drafts coming through their account, Hannah's bank is here and she lives in Van Buren...go figure that one:) Totally made me sick to my stomach when I realized I had forgot, just felt like in saying all that, I realized I am exhausted, have put in about 60 hours since Sunday, from showing property to listing it to paper work, classes and sales meeting. Then Steve and I usually eat at Mexico Chiquita on Thursday night after our group meeting we go to, but since he has to be at the hospital at 5AM, I thought we may need to go before group, by the time the storm past and I finished what real estate I was working on, which is not finished, we left only for me to realize there is no way to go to Mexico Chiquita and get to the group on time, which I could not be late because we had a ladies 12 step part we were doing at the beginning of Celebrate I said, lets just go to this other place to eat, that's when I remembered I did not make the deposit, I also had the pressure of work that I had to get done today for real estate, I also had mother's groceries at my house that I did not think I could physically take to her house yet, but would later, and I have her clothes in my car for her to wear to the wedding that I need to make sure they fit BEFORE the wedding:0 but I just did not think I could mentally do it, it is sometimes hard to do with mother unless your at your full self. So after CR I went and made Hannah's deposit and put a note on it, to call it in asap, so they will not overdraw her in that account where her drafts going through, I pray if it tried to clear tonight they will have mercy and not charge her for it, if so I will pay it, which irritates me too, I should of said call your daddy my plate is full but no, I just toss another plate in the air and juggle that much harder, then I am still frustrated inside because I really wanted to go to Mexico Chiquita to eat and didn't, just totally screwed the afternoon up and need to do work I could of done then, when I do it before bed then its hard for me to sleep;( So I am home and I will do my real estate work, I wanted to watch five minutes of the news and was hoping Steve would sit here and then we watch NCIS as I work, but he said he will just go watch NCIS in in his room if I want to watch the news......whats up with that? really five minutes? that hurt my feelings too, that he could not wait FIVE minutes to let me see if the storms caused any damages??? As you can see I am totally feeling sorry for my self and I totally need some rest, have only got four to six hours of sleep at night this past week and I feel it, now you do too:0
Just thought I would let you see the ruff side of life too, I do have enough sense to shut my mouth and go to bed asap, I do not even like my self right now:0 God will have me changed by morning, and I am putting some plates down one by one, I hope by Sunday after church and my 40th high=h school reunion I can go to the condo and totally rest for a couple days, I think I would feel better physically, my vocal cords for sure need the rest, and unless God does something to me during the night, I may just leave Steve here:)))tee hee I cannot rest here as well, I have to do laundry, cook, clean, but there I do nothing but relax:0 so well see, maybe it can work out, but for sure know I need some sleep... nite

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Jen said...

You really have been so busy this week. You need to take a break. :) Love you!