Friday, February 18, 2011

Its Friday am, Hannah's birthday!

meet Luke Everitt McGill, he will be here around April 19th:) Hannah went and had her ultra sound, it is unbelievable how they can do this! Thursday I hardly had my voice, I had talked a lot on Wednesday and had a motivational class at work so I talk a hour straight and my voice just could not hold up like it normally does:( but I feel ok......I made a decision to remove all of Walt's pictures out of mother's home, she kept thinking he was there and would think her care giver was Walt, she has not even realized they were gone, she had a big one in her bedroom, makes me sad but if she can get past missing him it will help her. She has been a little unsettled with her caregiver Faye, Faye is such a wonderful lady and so good with mother, but for some reason mother is with drawing from her, she use to be her favorite, now Connie is her favorite......use to Connie would get on her nerves, mother thought she was bossy. There is just no rhyme or reason sometimes to how her brain works. Tomorrow I have a listing appointment and then I will go over there and spend some time there, mother called me today and she has not done that in forever, I am sure Faye had to dial the number for her, but she was ok, and happy I was coming over tomorrow, today I did not get to go by there, been busy listing houses! I am so ready to get this sinus infection gone, it makes me feel sluggish and my head hurt:( Steve is still battling his cold. Tomorrow will be a light day, I think so I can rest some, and then Saturday have a full day, Cole's Birthday party then showing property all afternoon:) Hope I write a offer, I need to write one! Next Friday Steve has his ulner nerve surgery on the other arm, then April Bivens gets married on Saturday and I have a planning party for our 40th reunion:) I have a big motivational meeting this Wednesday that I have to prepare for, excited to do it, i love motivational motivates me! Well its way past my bedtime, I am turning into a night owl.....ugh!! hugs and nite

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