Sunday, January 30, 2011

working,resting,playing all in one

Saturday I helped with a shower for my niece April, Kay's daughter, it was such a fun time, it was a lingerie shower, she turns red real easy, so of course she was red alot at this shower! I loved it, I just love fun times and party's! Mother came, Kay picked her and Faye up, mother did real good and said she had so much fun, you could tell at times she was unsure of her self but I am glad she was able to come:)) Then Steve and I met the McGill's at the condo, we have had fun riding four wheelers and the kids have riding things, John Deere tractor for Blake, Olivia has a little four wheeler, which was so funny to watch her on, she does very well for a three year old. Blake just rides every where, then Max has a stand on deal that has a battery, a electric razor scooter, plus he has a little for real four wheeler, so they all rode and looked at deer, we have so many up here, they are fun to watch and they are use to people so they just stand there. I took a nap with Olivia twice today:) In which I needed, I have not felt the best, my fybro is acting up, the only thing I can do is rest to help it:(( We went to eat fish at JR"s which was real good, now home and sitting on couch with them watching a movie and me about ready for bed, its only 7ish so I am trying to stay up till 8:00pm. Fairfield Bay is such a neat place, you just can see every star in the sky, seems they are closer to you, the sky is so clear and air so fresh, things up here are on way slow pace....I mean no one is in a hurry, you just slow way down, the winter the while place shut by 8:00pm., on our way home a herd of deer came across the road, big doe's, I counted 9 deer! We have been having about 3 or 4 deer right in our back yard, so neat! Tomorrow we will go home, its going to be real cold again and I just really need warmer weather, I freeze all the time and the cold makes my bones hurt:((( so come on spring! I have ordered me some protein power and new vitamins, they are chewable, so they should help me feel a lot better, I have been eating some sweet and I am going to have to stop all sugars again because I just do not feel as good when I eat sugar.....makes you wonder how much what we eat affects how we feel??????? Well best go....just wanted to check in....hugs and nite

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