Sunday, February 20, 2011


Boy am I tired, had a full weekend of working, and full week next week:) Not complaining just wish I was feeling at my best to keep up the pace:) The market is for sure busier, which I am ever so thankful! Hannah and Mark made it home fine and she had a fun birthday with her family:) they made her day special! Saturday we went to Cole's two year old birthday in Humnoke, Sarah had hot dogs and the best cheese dip I think I have ate in a long time:) Cole was so cute and excited, he was so sweet! Then Steve and I showed property, I like it when he goes with me, it helps me, although sometimes I bet he wished he would of stayed home, I am not very patient at times with him....working on that:) Then wrote a offer on a home with a different buyer, had to kick it in high gear because the agent had already countered another offer so ours had to get there asap and be the best:) it was and my buyers got the house:) I love a challenge! Who has kicked it, is Alicia Jean, she has done four or five deals this weekend! Tomorrow I am writing another offer and showing property, but in the am, I am going to get ready for our sales meeting and then I will do our last motivational class for this moth on Wednesday, so I have to prepare for all that. Right now when I talk so much my glands hurt and I start to feel bad, so say a prayer for me:) Mother has had a good weekend, I am so thankful, I made some chicken soup Friday and took some to them, then today made chicken and dumplings and took to them, I am cooking for my BFF Sherry Maxwell, she has had the flu, I have not got near her, I just take food and leave it in the garage:) she is better today! So many are sick right now with that head cold, and sinus...then some have the real I am ready for spring and summer and health! At church this am, Alex's message was so good, he is really hitting some home runs with his preaching:) God is starting to do and amazing work at Journey Church, and may be its just me settling in:) but either way I love it! It is a small church but reaches a lot of people!! Remember to keep my friend and her family in your prayers concerning a mass below her is serious and she needs healing:) hugs and nite

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