Friday, February 4, 2011

Another snow day

This am I woke about 5ish, not that I needed to, just did. Then I heard the news and weather, it was going to start snowing, if you remember I was to have a banquet tonight, but all that changed and we will do it tomorrow night, due to the snow.......we were able to continue with all our plans. I called Faye mother's care giver and told her the weather would be bad and I would come and be with mother, went over in my PJ's, mother was glad I was there, we had breakfast and enjoyed the snow, then her other care giver Connie got there, I left, but wished I could just hag out all day and enjoy the fireplace and snow and mother. She was looking for Walt when she woke, thought he was in the bed, it is hard for her to remember what happened, but she did ok with it and realized he is gone. She is doing much better....thank you fro praying. I then went to finish up my list for the banquet tomorrow night now:) All I have left to do is my nails and I need that done real bad:) I will take a pic of me and Steve, I have a new out fit and he will be in a tux:) Then Sunday we have Laila's party, hope it does not snow, but it may:((( then time with my girlfriends, fun, fun, fun and much needed......have some major decisions to make about what to do with leading a step study, so pray I know what to do:) well going to bed, its been a long day but a fun day, The girls, Laila and Peyton came over and played with Blake then I made chilli and cheese dip and Jared, Jebb, Mikka came and ate with us, Alicia had driven by to outrneighbors and came in with Alexandria and her friend Kaylie, they did not eat but just visited, they were on their way to get a pizza...April came over this am, then she went to where she lives at the Harris, I was worried about her driving but she wanted to go and did:( I was hoping we could have this day to figure out her school, she called when she got there and did ok on the driving, had one scare with her car spin tailing, hope she does not get back out till tomorrow, then is is to be warmer, she is coming by to help with Hannah's babies, till the sitter gets here at 4pm.....keep April in your prayers, she would appreciate it:) going to call it a nite, so nite nite!

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