Monday, February 21, 2011

My day

Love some new pics I have gotten of Amelia! She is so beautiful! Today has been a whirlwind of a day, lots of offers and listings this week, worked hard all day got home about 7ish and ready for bed. So pumped about doing our sales meeting in the AM, have a scene from Facing the Giants, the death crawl.....going to give a preview of the motivational class I will do on Wednesday, it has totally motivated me! On a personal note, April Bivens gets married this Saturday...I am so excited for her and Matthew! Will have to make them some chicken and dumplings when they get settled in their new home! Then Steve has surgery on his other arm this Friday, I am sure she will do real well, he did last time, just needs to heal and take care of him self:) Tomorrow I am showing commercial property at 1:00 and another property at 3:00 then home and getting notes together for the wed. meeting! The market has pick up here, we have had a busy week and I am getting calls now daily on my listings:)) So excited! hugs and nite

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