Saturday, January 8, 2011

peaceful day

Freeway, he loves sitting on the arm of my chair, he is a sweet little dog:)
Nala, she is healing from her surgery and doing great, she is a sweet loving cat:) She was a stray April brought home, had babies then went to foster care place to wet nurse orphan kittens, she was a good momma cat, now she can have a life of her own:))

Today I slept till about 9ish which was wonderful! Then went and got Nala a cat that I had gave away to a place that used her as a wet cat to nurse some orphan kittens, she has been there a few months, she was never put up for adoption, and once back with other cats was not a happy camper, so she was spade yesterday and I picked her up this morning....she is doing well. The Alicia came over and dressed Steve's arm, yuck it looks really ruff, like 22 stitches, looks totally gross, but healthy....:) Then when Alica came she brought her little tiny Chihuahua dog and dachshund, it it too cute, they need to find it a home, it reminds me of my dog I had when I was young. I would like to keep them but at the same time like to give them away, if that makes any sense!!! I have always loved animals, but really had decided when Cali was gone that would be it for me and inside dogs, so who knows what I will decide:)) I put on a pot of veggie soup today, it was really good, Alexandria came over and made the best corn bread:) we ate it and took some over to other and Connie, her care giver. Kay had just left, she went over to just love on mother, which mother did enjoy. Mother said something that made me think she may be feeling like she is alone,and in her mind, she she can not remember I am sure she thinks she is alone, She said she loved her family, I said and they love you, we talked about her brothers and sisters, her daddy, I reminded her of all her family and how much they love her, she seemed to be relieved that she was loved and not alone.....I am going to make a scrap book of family members so she can see them and know she has them and she is loved, I always tell her and so does Kay that she will never be alone:) SO if your Reading this and live close by go see her when you can, or send her a card, she loves them and puts and pics and cards on her dinning room table, she loves looking at them:) if you need her address, let me know:) Came home and decided to go to walmart to get my nails done, was so relaxing, now watching NCIS with Steve in my PJ'S:)) so nice to have a easy day for a change......I did agree to help plan my 40th reunion of our 1971 class reunion.......that will be fun! Well, waiting to see if we get snow...I would love it, but only for a day:))) hugs and nite!

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