Friday, January 21, 2011 we go

Well Thursday was better with mother, I stayed bummed about it, just hate seeing her so helpless against this disease. But refocused, thought of the song, I rather live in your world with you then without you in I am going to live in her world and know it is a ok place to live. She can no longer live in my world:((

I have work this am , just made chicken soup for who ever wants some, gonna take mother some today before we head to Tenn., we are going to Steve's sister's Patsy and Donald's they live in Lexington, then we are going to go to Nashville and go to Don Crossland's church Sunday and visit with him on Monday, can not wait to see them all, we have so many friends in Nashville! I have someone staying at the house, plus my son is next door, this is for anyone who is thinking no one is home:)) They are:) Have mixed feeling about going, part of me just wants to stay home and rest, I am tired and the other part wants to go, we have had this planned for awhile, so off we go...and I know once I get there I will be glad. We had such pretty snow yesterday, it did not stick which was nice, suppose to get some more this next week, I realized with losing weight I do not like the cold anymore, I freeze all the time....brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Its look like it is going to be a pretty day, just cold here. Hope you have a great day too! hugs and I am off! by the way say a prayer for my eating habits, I totally feel off the wagon yesterday, had two cream brule, had six pieces of candy, plus a huge salad with everything in it, 1/2 of BLT sandwich, lots of chips and dip, I know it was emotional eating and I do not want to do that:( just sat and ate all afternoon, plus I had lunch! My 12 step program helps me realize these areas in my life and I do not want them or give into to them! Plus I want to lose more weight, I have about 25 more pounds to go!

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