Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Goals, and GO HOGS GO!!

Today was the first day back in the office, like for real working since the Holidays:) I loved visiting with the other agents and thinking of what to do to make 2011 the year it needs to be, which in this market you have to have skills in getting homes sold and loans closed, this is one of the hardest markets I have seen in my career, since 1986, you can get it sold but to get the loan is another whole story, BUT it is getting done! Tomorrow we will have our first sales meeting of the year, then the next week is our kick off meeting, I love those, we give out awards for production and other awards, its always a exciting meeting and uplifting....such fun! Tomorrow will be a full day with sales meeting, brokers meeting then a meeting at the NPBOR, then home to keep Cole man while Sean and Sarah go to a Razorback party to watch the game, I will watch it at home......hope the Hogs can pull it off!! Then to get the house ready for cleaning lady and groceries so Steve will have what he needs, he has surgery this Thursday on his Ulner nerve in his arm, he will need both arms done but will do one at a time:) This will let him have the use of his hands. So say a prayer for him, if he comes to mind! I am so ready to focus on work and get going with what I love doing:)
Mother is doing well, she is happy and settled in her home, she was not as confused Christmas as she was Thanksgiving, things are going well with her care givers:)
OH YES, I bout forgot to tell you I actually started my work out, worked upper body this am then jogged/ was cold but I actually enjoyed it, I was about to finish my walk but felt I had not really pushed my self like I would have, had I had my coach with me in boot camp, so I jogged down a hill then walked up it, by the time I got home I had pushed my self, I for sure felt it, was nauseated once I got home, which according to my boot camp coach last year, that is a good thing:(( I need to get 20 more pounds off and tone up and I will be where I need to be, so weird to say only 20 pounds:)) love it!! hugs and good night, got to get up early to get the work out in before sales meeting:)

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Anonymous said...

You go girl. I love my wife. Steve