Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A whirlwind of a day!

Tuesday was a full day with sales meeting,property tour and more meetings;) but so much was accomplished at work, then came home to Cole, Peyton, Laila, Mikka spending the night so they could actually stay asleep during the Hog game, and with the game like it was I am surprised I did not hear the yelling and cheering and sobbing! It was a fun night, this am all went home and I had so much to do before Steve has surgery tomorrow, I had planned on a lady helping my clean tomorrow while we were at the hospital but she could not come and I did not find out till late, so I just finished cleaning, Steve gets staff real easy so I bout have to sterilize everything, I am waiting on our sheets to dry, I could of used the other sheets but I like these the best, they are a hydrangea blue and match my quilt, to me the color is comforting, since he will be in the bed a lot I want him to feel comfort and peace:) Knowing that he is man he will never even think that way:) Oh well!! I had lunch with miss April today and we talked about her goals for 2011, a new concept for her:)) but she is thinking on them, maybe going to CNA school, but some how get a direction for her life:) Faye is there till Friday then Connie comes, tomorrow I will not be able to go over there with taking care of Steve, but I know she is fine and if something is needed Kay is a phone call away:) I am thinking we will be at hospital at 7am then surgery about 9ish and its about a hour and half surgery so we may be home by 2ish, Hannah goes to Dr. tomorrow so she will come by after her appointment. I am sure all is fine with her and the baby:) Should be a quiet weekend, getting Steve well:) I went to the store and got groceries so I can cook for him:) It may snow here Sunday and I would love that:0 We finally got all the Christmas up, its all put away, till next year:) I went to my step study tonight, I am so thankful for that group of women God has put in my life, it is a place you can take off any mask and just be who you are, it is a place to share and listen to others, it is a great step study program to help you see your hurts, habits and hang ups, and get you past them and fears, resentments, bitterness....just a good group:) I have grown from it and changed the way I respond to things, it has been a major help for me! I have two more steps then it will be over, I will sure miss that group of ladies! Well best go get the sheets on the bed and get to bed, tomorrow will be a long day....pray for Steve if he comes to mind!! HUGS!

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