Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year 2011 is here!

Its is totally hard to believe that it is 2011, where did 2010 go, or for that matter 2009!! We have all heard time flies it has, one day your have a small baby in your arms the next day your holding your grand baby in your arms! Life has many many streams in it, some of you move rapidly and some or slow moving, but all go into the big stream of life! I remember watching a stream that had two leaves moving down stream, one leaf got hung up on some rocks, it held there as water moved all over it and around it, the other leaf was gently moving down stream, rolling with the flow of the water......which leaf was in the best place? The one who was still or the one moving down stream......guess it depends on the end of the stream:) In any case as life takes us many different ways, we have control, as to how we flow down life's streams, we can hold on and stop the flow in our life or we can go with the flow of the stream, which takes being vulnerable and trust, on the way down the stream there were many other leafs, they were floating down stream, the one that got stuck had many leafs by it stuck with it, which reminds me, when we are stuck in life on certain issues, weather it be unforgiveness, bitterness, fear, insecurity in our life, we will find others who are the same way and will help us hang on to our fears, if we cling onto the dam that the leafs have made, huddled together with other leafs, blocking the flow of the stream in your life, you will be stuck, but stuck with others just like you. Life is not fun when your stuck in life's matters, it will block your life, others will go on, you will not understand how they can, they are flowing in the stream and you are hanging onto a safe place afraid of letting go, once you deal with what caused you to hang on, you will let go and flow freely down the stream too, you will be light hearted again, can actually sleep good, do not have anxiousness in you're life, like a for bolding that is always can try to get rid of it, but it aways comes back because your stuck. So what ever you are hanging onto this year, out of fear, insecurities, anger, unforgivness let go, it you need help doing that, then get it, the future for you is up to you, God does not go against your will, you have to decide to submit to His will and trust Him, He is in the stream of your life, He is the stream of your life, even if you do not believe it, when we let go of our fears, insecurities, and trust God to heal us, know He will guide you through the stream, then you can trust Him to get you through what ever the stream may bring in your life, BUT your not stuck with some other leafs holding on at a dam, with life passing you by....which believe me is a miserable place to my words of wisdom for today, Jan.1st, 2011 is make decisions to walk through your life's stuck places, let go of the past and began today with a new look on life, flow with the stream of where ever this year takes you, dream your dreams, walk in what you think will never happen, and make this one of the best years of your life!! I realize there are hard places you and I will trod on this year, BUT your steps are ordered by the Lord, and woe to a man/woman if he falls and is alone, he will have no one to pick him up, so love your close friends and be a friend, when you fall or they fall you will be there to pick each other up, make your plans and goals for this year, I live by seek first the Kingdom of God and he will direct your steps, His desire is to prosper you and keep you healthy, so walk hand in hand with the Lord this year, He never lets go of you, we can let go out of fear, our desires, rebellion,etc. BUT the most wonderful part of our Lord and Savior He will NEVER let go of matter what!! Have a great 2011, I pray the Lord will be the Lord of your life, and you and I will not stay in a stuck place for long, but flow freely in life! hugs Linda

By the way we never know the end of the stream until this life is over, If Jesus is your Lord and Savior then your stream ends in His arms, with all the others who have gone before you, Heaven is a wonderful place, full of Glory and Grace!

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good word my dear. steve