Friday, January 7, 2011

If I told you would not believe my day:)

I am ready for some snow, may get some Sunday!
This is a green bamboo bowl, I got it for Christmas and love it!!

A tree ornament that mother's care giver made Kay and I for Christmas, I loved it! keeping it out on my candy dish!

Some hands I got for Christmas, I love them, " By His hands we are fed" God is do faithful!!

It all started as a quiet morning, having a special time reading my bible, working my step study, singing to the Lord. A dear friend of mine, son past away last night, he was 31, I called her to see how she was doing, God's grace was seeing her though, I ask her what I could do for her today to help her, she said make dinner, so I told her I would be happy to do that, I had Steve home from surgery, had just fixed his oatmeal, he was doing well, just got in bed with some pain meds., then my mother's care giver Faye called and said mother did not feel well, her back hurt and she had a cough and was wheezing, so I called her Dr. and he was the walk in Dr. today from 1-4pm, so I thought ok, I need to rearrange my day, then talked to Kay and Alicia, Alicia said she could take mother to the Dr. and she did, mother weighed 121 pounds, up for 84 pounds since last May:)) she was getting congested and he put her on a inhaler and z pack, so she is better. I left to run to the store and when I pulled in the drive way, Steve's truck was gone and so was he, then my phone rang, it was Alicia and Heather Lawson's daughter Caitlin had been in a bad wreck and Heather needed someone with her, Alicia said they were behind Target, so off I went, it was actually on Landers road and Brookswood, near Kohls, about 5 miles in a different direction:) then Alicia text me that ambulance was taking her to Springhill Baptist, I saw no signs of a wreck in the area....might be I was in wrong area;(but went on to hospital ER, I pulled up as Heather and ambulance, Got in Ambulance with Caitlin, they had two people in it, got first lady out and was coming back to get Caitlin, prayed for her, knew she was co herent and was going to be ok, stayed there with Heather, Alicia brought mother to me and we left and she stayed with Heather, Catlin has a concussion but is ok, so thankful!! Picked up Jack from school, and then took mother home, I had taken my dog to get groomed when I went to the store, so mother and I picked her up;0 Mother was real confused since her day was so disrupted, she was scared and tearful, not knowing where she wold live:( she said she wanted to live with me, I said that is ok, but you really love your home better, she could not remember it, when we got there, she did remember it and was fine to stay with her care giver. I then came home cooked dinner for my friend and another lady a work, Edwanda who had surgery, took dinner to them both and had just got home and sat down in my chair when Alicia came to get Jack, Alicia said mother had prescriptions that she would need, I was thinking the Dr. said he would write them if needed:( so off we went to Kroger's then back to mothers, when we got to mothers, she was coming out of her room and saw me and said she was just thinking about me, I said what about and she started crying, I said mother what is wrong, she said I am just so glad to see just breaks my heart, I had just left her a hour or so before, we learned how to do this inhaler thing, which is totally different from any I have ever seen, the Dr. had shown Alicia, you put a capsule which has power meds in it then clamp the lid down the huff it, mother was so funny doing it, but she got it done and her wheezing stopped:) we visited for awhile then Bob called and their dog had hives all over it and he was scared she was going to die, she is a boxer, so we went to Alicia's, thankfully Hannah had called at the same time and was able to call Bob to tell him what to do, the dog is better, then Alicia and I went to the store to get what she had to have to get by and I needed washing power, so by then its 9ish, we ate, so tired, laughed at our self then had to go pick up Alexandria, then came home...........oh yes, Steve had got a call from a friend who has the barn where our horse is, her dog had been ran over and she was about to bury it, she got their tractor stuck, she had no ideal Steve had just had surgery, she had lost her daddy and step father these past 30 days, so that is where Steve had gone, he did call for help from his friends, Elbert and Carroll, they got it unstuck and helped her out, but I did bless him out when I called to see where he was at, did not give him time to tell me anything, was totally mad at him, I felt bad when I found out what had happened, pray for our fiend at the barn, her name is Kendra..I am not sure how she is going on except for the grace of God.......... This day started out so peaceful...thought it would be a stay in PJ day and just take care of Steve......turns out to be one crises after thankful I could help others in their time of need, I sure have been helped in my time of need!! Ready for a quiet peaceful day, in the midst of this day I got several real estate calls...of all days, but the day has ended well and I am blessed, all is ok, God has been faithful to me! hugs to all

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Anonymous said...

Amazing just amazing I am praying for all of you and so thankful there are people who are willing to put others first as you always have. Your family is so special to me.