Sunday, January 9, 2011

Life goes on…in Memory of Cameron..1-19-2006

cameron bobbittWhen a tragic death happens to you or your love ones, you ask will life go on? How can Derrick and Susan survive this tragic death of their sweet Cameron, how will Biff and Ann make it? How will Kennedy cope in seeing the death of her sister? There is a saying, “time heals all wounds”, I personally do not believe the saying but as I ponder on the the death of Cameron, I realize, this year some time has gone by and it is easier than last year, for sure easier then the year before, and far easier then the previous years, so there my be a little truth to the saying. I know you never forget, but the brunt of the pain does get easier, I hope you have quit the what ifs? or I should? By now you realize that will not change anything, it is normal to want to blame when you are crushed to the core of your soul, by now it is a little easier you realize life is not fair, you may have quit blaming your self, others or even the one who was taken from you. You have quit wondering how can any good come out of this?? You can look back and see it can’t, but you have made the best of it, with positive actions, in making Cameron’s memory live forever with her, Amazing Book Club. Susan and Derrick have amazed me, susan and derrickthey continue to put one step forward in front of the other each day, they have trusted in the Grace of God to get them through the valley of the shadow of death, it does not have a sting for the believer, but it sure has a sting for the ones left behind. Their life will never be the same, but yet it goes on, and time has made this more bearable, you realize, I may live through this. So Cameron you will always be remembered as YOU, as special as you were here on earth, I know your are so much more special in Heaven.CameronSee you again some day!! Smile

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