Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Now and Then

Well I had no ideal it had been o long since I blogged, I have had a busy week with snow, snow, snow and family, friends, playing, working. ON Monday we woke to several inches of snow, I had Jared and his family and Alicia and hers over Sunday afternoon as the snow fell, it was exciting and o pretty, the kid were excited over the snow...what is it about snow that bring so much excitement for adults and children?? Is it that in Arkansas all stops, stores close, business close and we all slow way down, you can just have some great family time of playing games and in the snow, make snow ice cream.....sleep late, because no one is getting out, just not much to do....I sure enjoyed it! Today i back to normal for me, meetings then showing property, hope I can sell what I show today:)) We had to change our big kick off meeting till next week, due to the snow, so I usually kick in gear after that is hard to kick start this old woman with it this cold...and it does feel like kick starting me:)) All is the same in my house hold, nothing much new here, Hannah and the McGIlls may come this weekend, I have a Bridal Shower I am giving this Saturday for Ann May's grand daughter Rachael May in Hot Springs then a wedding for Cody Ruffin, my brother's busy Saturday....well best go show property, just wanted to say hello and wish you a wonderful day and week! will post pic of snow soon:)

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