Friday, January 28, 2011


Its has been awhile since I have blogged, I was in Nashville last weekend and enjoyed our visit, went to Don Crossland's church, had lunch with Melanie Poythress, she is a dear friend I have not seen in 15 years:(( Then work has been very busy, Tuesday I did the meeting, I talked on what motivates us, gain or loss? I will do a blog on it when I am not so tired:) Then was at mother's wed. for the morning, she is having a hard time this week, she has be real clingy to me, wants me to take her with me when I get ready to leave and almost cries, which is not like her. I spoke with her Dr. and he changed some meds and I ask for prayer for her, she is better, I am beginning to think she forgets who her care givers are and recognizes me and may not them, so she wants someone she knows with her, it is so hard on Kay and I so please keep praying for all of us. I was home Thursday am and really needed it, had some me time with the Lord which always helps me:) Then the Averitt ( Jared's) girls came over and we played out side, it was a beautiful day to do that:) I took them to see mother, she loved it! Today I had work and I am getting ready for my sweet April Bivens shower tomorrow, we are so excited to have Matthew Bale in our family, he is such a Jewel, they are both blessed with each other! April's boys love Matthew and he loves them as his own, that is so hard to find! What a blessing for those boys and April and Matthew! Kay has April getting married in Feb and Clay in May! Its a fun filled time with shower's! Kay will bring mother tomorrow and her caregiver Faye, after the shower I am suppose to go to the condo and meet the McGill's but I am so tired and missed church last week I may wait and go after church Sunday, we are bringing Blake home with us, we need him:) we just miss them so much!! Then we will have to get Olivia, have to wait on Max till he is out of school:(((( I can not wait for them to live closer to us pray:0 I have so much to share of what is on my heart but will have to have the tie to sit and ponder on it all before I can blog it, but it will be coming!! hugs and nite

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