Thursday, January 6, 2011

Totally Quiet at my house!

My sweetie, a little drugged but doing well, he had a good surgery and is home and resting in his bed, I made him potato soup and toast, a chocolate chip cookie, milk, then he took his meds and is fast asleep:) Hope he has a good night because I need a good night sleep:) What is it that sitting all day in a freezing hospital makes you sooooo tired, I do so much more other days and I am I totally wore out. The hospital was so cold in every part of it, the only thing warm was going to the bath room and washing your hands, the water was real warm! I just love Steve's Dr., he is Dr. Richard Jordan and has helped Steve so much, this time last year if you remember he had a major back surgery which has made a wonderful difference in his life. People have ask what is wrong with Steve, he has Severe degenerate disc disease, to where his disc were chalky, he was losing the ability to use his legs, and he had the ESI done, which reroutes signals to your brain, he can walk do to this device in his body, it is sew into his spinal column and has a charger under the skin on his hip, then he had the disc fused last year and some rods and pins, he still has a ruptured dics in his middle of his back and neck but lives with that for now, he was losing use of his hands so he had the Ulner nerve rerouted so that will help that, he will have to do the other arm too, but did the right arm first because it was the worst. So in saying all that , it is a daily battle for Steve each day, he is disabled, he tries not to be, when he does things he should not of done, he dearly pays for it, I remind him he is on disability for a reason:) This is hard emotionally for him because it has changed his life, these surgery's and Dr. Jordan and the Lord have given some of it back to him:)) Thanking the Lord for the wisdom of Drs. and meds, but most of all His healing! Now off to bed with my sweetie, praying fro a full nights sleep!! Hoping it snows Sunday! Hugs
You know Steve will love his pic!!


elainaann said...

Glad surgery went well. Will be praying for a quick and easy recovery.

Alex and Jill said...

I'm so glad everything went well - we were praying. Love you both!