Friday, May 27, 2011

Preparing myself

I have what I call the blues today, Mama and Roy and Connie have gone, they left early this amSad smile I really enjoyed them and loved watching mother be so happy, she loved having them here.  Yesterday Jenn and Jill brought all the girls overmamamama2Mother always enjoys children, she is amazed they know who she isSmile Max is always so loving with mother, Hannah and her children came later and we all had dinner. My camera was deadSad smile but Connie will have pics and I will snag hers.mama3mama4 In July we are going to Chattonnaga to see her brothers and other sister, we will meet Connie and Mama and Roy in MemphisSmile I want mother to see them while she is able to get around, it is getting difficult and she is for sure progressing in this dreadful disease.  I always wonder how long it will be before she needs totally help with everything, as of now she can get around, needs help with her personal care but feeds her self, she talks and inter acts in cover stations and has a great sense of humor, I just hate knowing I will lose her in all she can do today, but try to prepare my self, with Aunt Jane passing and a friend on mine Mother passed with Alzheimer's I know that day will come so I am trying to cherish all I an in today, at the same time I can only take so much and need a break from it, wish I didn’t or I would be with mother all the time.  She has the best of care and loves her home, she is in a happy place. I am trying to beSmile Trying to live one day at a time and our needs is met for today, also preparing for our future with mother, I know in the end she will live with us, so making all future plans for that day.  Ok, on a lighter note, the McGill's are here, Luke weighs 10 pounds and the Dr. said is healthy and will be a big boySmile Blake just found a baby bird, in which we now have in a box and they are feeding it wormsSmile Max built a tent in the front yardSmile over the swing frame for the yard swing, Sean and his family are coming today and Jill and Alex and Amelia for dinner, probably Alicia and her family if they are in town… it’s a busy day, then Hannah will go home tomorrow and Steve and I are going to do something, not sure what but something fun, like ride four wheelers, or go to the pool, but something!  I am taking a agents calls while she is on a cruise this week so work will probably busySmile I need it to be.  Hugs to all and hope everyone has a great weekend!

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