Saturday, May 7, 2011

Beautiful Saturday

Today was a Kitchen shower for my sister's son's finance:) Mary Lee, I and two of Kay's friends and Jill gave her a shower, of course Jill is the perfect host and party planner, she just went with it, it was a kitchen shower, we had a fun time, mother loved it! I know Kay will be wore out by the time all these weddings and showers are over:) Ruff having two weddings so close. Alex came over with Amelia during the shower, they were still here when I got home:) Alex sat in our swing and it fell, no one was hurt, the funny thing is, last night I was sitting in it and told Steve to swing with me, he said will it hold us both? I said...welllllll sure!...I laughed so hard at Alex:) I am home and Steve is taking a nap, I am trying to be content with just doing nothing BUT I am not a do nothing person, so it is very hard for me to be still:) I know God has something for me in this still time of my day:) so after I blog, I will read my bible:) Mother is doing well, she is probably in stage 7 of her Alzheimer's, there are 8 stages, she has progressed very fast this past year, Part of the Serenity prayer is, God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and this disease is one of those things in my life, courage to change the things I can, which is me dealing with Alzheimer's.....I just do not like to even go there, but do every day. So thankful mother is in a happy place in her mind:)
This week work will be some what busy, have some loans in closing to work on and hope to list or sell a home this week:))) Then towards the end of the week I will go get April at Hannah's, I am still missing them pretty bad, but have tried to keep my mind off of them not being here, hard when they were here for so long:( Had my bedroom carpet and couch and dinning chairs cleaned today, ugh on the citrus smell of the cleaner:(( well best go and see what God wants to say to and hugs!

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