Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Too, too long!

I can not believe I have not blogged, so many things to say:) Got over my blues, still miss my extended family:) Things have been busy around here, Mother is doing good, she is worse as far as her memory, she will see Dr. Bradley Monday, in which he just does some memory deals and tells us what to expect at this point:(( not what I want to hear.  Mother now weighs 130 pounds, so we are watching her dietSmile   We had our annual crawl fish boil,crawlfish boil 013 normally we have fried fish but this year Sean had B'Q crawlfish boil 015and it was totally awesome, he has a friend Ronnie who is a Award wining Chef, he did a tenderloin that was out of this world for us:) and the pork butt, he has a special rubSmilethe beans were so good, he knows how to cook:) The 100 pounds of crawl fish were perfect, a great day of family fun we had about 70ish people cameSmile crawlfish boil 006 crawlfish boil 007 it is open invitation to all, Steve and I bout killed our self getting the outside ready for it, Sean had been sick and could not help, we were behind on the yard stuff but now its in shape, so is Jared's my son who lives next door:) Of course Steve has mother's in shape too:)

You know me, I planned the huge party, then had a listing appointment on a neat home in the Heights,house heights 001house heights 005

then went to a 40 year Parkview reunion, get together,our big one is in the fall, combined with CentralsSmileparkview 1971 cw 2011 but before all that, Peyton and I got a pedicure and manicure ptoesandfingersptoes2 she loved it!! so did I! Then I listed two more homes and got a offer on a home I have in Benton, have two more homes to list this weekSmile so work has been busy! I needed it to pick up.  All is well with our sweet baby Luke he has just adjusted and sleeps good,luke m of course Hannah is a pro at being a mommySmile I miss not seeing him anytime I want toSad smile Well, best get going, got to be at work early, its sales meeting day, I pray the Lord Bless and keep you today, may His grace fall on you and fresh mercy all day, all week, all year long! He is our strength and very presence help, all the time! If your looking for a church, ask me about mine! hugs

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