Thursday, May 26, 2011

Busy week

Mama and Connie and Roy got here Tuesday, so as soon I as finished work I was at mother's:)) I had everything prepared to cook for the week, yesterday we had storms, so of course I put the chairs in mother's closet, which Connie thought was hysterical, she took pics, we did not have to go there, which was great:) but she did have mama and Roy sit in the chairs for a pic:) I had put a roast and potatoes and carrots in the crock pot and some green beans on stove, I did not think the roast would be done so I got out the chicken and made chicken and dumplings and a yummy salad, when it was all said and done the roast was done so we just had it all for dinner!!! I am going to post some pics so you can see them, mother has enjoyed them here, and I am so glad they came, she knows them sometimes and some times not, but she knows she loves them:) Hannah and her family come tonight to go to Dr. visits and will be here for weekend, then Monday I have me some girl friend time:) for Memorial day, can not wait! Not sure if i said my back was bothering me or not but it is much better:))) yea! Keep my April in your prayers:) hugs and have a great day!

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