Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother’s Birthday

We had so many ideals for Mother’s birthday, from having a gathering with people dropping in at different times, to having a few friends over for lunch, then had to think, we need to live in her world, not her in ours, we think, we wanted her to see everyone and feel loved, but it would have been stress for her for us to do that, so I spent last night with her, which was Mother’s Day, we had fun, we laughed at ourselves, watched the birds, visited with Steve, then he left and I spent the night, I normally sleep in the other bedroom, but last night I slept with mother, we talked before we went to sleep.  Then this morning when she woke up I was there to say Happy Birthday!! She said I did not know it was my birthdayWinking smile) this was said several times during the day.  She and I met my brother Jimmy for lunch, it was a nice quiet lunch where mother could just talk to Jimmy and have his attention, she loved it!mother's birthday 001 Jimmy was not feeling the best, he was limping with his hip hurtingSad smile but we had a great visit.  Then we went to J Pruitt's and got mother a pair of shoes, perfect for her, and they should be:0 This store caters to AAA feet, mother has one foot that is 8.5 and one that is 9 AA… we got a really nice pair of sandals…..Then went to Kroger's, home then to dinner with Kay at Red Lobster,mother's birthday 002Just the three of us, it was fun and we had each others attention, so much easier on mother then a big party, she has had a fun day and I am thankfulSmile  I have too! Now I have a lot of work to catch  up on so off of this blog and working! hugs and nite

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