Saturday, May 21, 2011

for better or for worse

Hummmmmmm……just thinking on this statement that we have heard and maybe said at weddings.   What is for better or for worse?

Life is for better or for worse, Love is for better or for worse, you and I are for better or for worse…..this morning I feel like it is for worse, woke up not feeling to goodSad smile have a headache and stuffy nose, my back is trying to go out, I am trying to get to the for better part of itSmile

This has been a busy few days, My Aunt Jane past away, Steve and Alex did her funeral, took a pic of daddy and Walt’s grave, Aunt Jane is buried beside them with Uncle Dave, it was a sweet funeral, makes me have to look at reality with motherSad smile my dear friend Becky Hale

sang, Amazing Grace. Very sweet time for family.

 wedding lunch, janes funeral 001wedding lunch, janes funeral 002 wedding lunch, janes funeral 004

Then Wednesday Steve’s sister Patsy and her husband Donald spent the night, loved getting to visit with themSmile They were on vacation.Thursday, Cole spent the night, he was absolutely perfect, he is just so sweet.cole todayhe looks so much like Sean sometimes, then totally like Sarah’s familySmile  I taught the lesson at Celebrate Recovery Thursday night, before I got up to speak my mind went totally blank, made me real nervous, I could not even remember what I wanted to share at all or where to start, but it all came back and went well.  Then Friday Mary Lee invited me to a special Bridal lunch and special it was, they had individual wedding cakes for our deserts, the butter was even in the shape of a wedding cake, we all were requested to wear hats, since I do not wear hats or dresses that much I had to go shopping, I bought a dress, shoes and hat, came home tried them on for Steve, when I walked into his office he laughed out loud, he said he was not prepared to see me dressed like thatSmile but I am so glad I did, almost didn’t and I would not have been dressed proper for this luncheon in anything lunch, janes funeral 027Kay and Mary Leewedding lunch, janes funeral 047my shoeswedding lunch, janes funeral 018the table, see the deserts?wedding lunch, janes funeral 051wedding lunch, janes funeral 008

Had a wonderful dinner last night. So for today, I slept in, Steve had a golf tournament to play in with Jared, I will show property this afternoon, then go to Mother’s and get her ready for the wedding tonight, so I need to feel much better! Hope your having a good day!  Hugs

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