Monday, May 23, 2011

new Blog

As you can see I have a new look, thank you Elaina Weaver! I won the make over from her blog:)) So tell me what you think? Been a Monday, got a lot done at the office and went to the store for mother, Mama and Connie will be here tomorrow till Friday am., I am excited they will be able to come for a few days, mother needs to see them, they will be at mother's if any of you who read this want to see them:) I will love visiting with them!! Kay is out of town at the condo and will be there a few days to rest up, she is exhausted from the schedule she has kept for so long, two weddings in a few months is a lot of stress, in a good way. Ready for the sun to shine have a full day tomorrow with work:) Boy I need some of my listings to sell, so say a prayer for me and them:) will best run, just wanted to see the new look and what you think:) hugs and nite


Alex and Jill said...

love the new look!!

Jen said...

Love it! It is so you!!!!!!!!

Carla said...

I love it..... Carla