Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fun day, road trip:)

We left this am and took Hannah's. new refidge to her and the other things they needed help getting home, plus the riding lawn mower to mowSmile  Peyton and Laila went with us girls averittthis was on the way home at Cracker Barrel:0  They had so much fun playing at Hannah’s with Blake and Oliviahannah home 1 bout to far away to see themSad smile  We were able to take the riding lawn mower and got the yard done, I went to the store got groceries and unpacked the kids, it helped her some, April is there all week and I can go back next week to help, Hannah is doing well, actually doing too much, she needs to rest more, but she feels so much better then she did, her back is bothering her form her epidural, guess that’s normal, they had to do it twice so I am sure it is sorer and I reminded her it has not even been a week since she delivered;0  All the McGill’s were glad to be home, Olivia did get in my lap to go home with meSmile but decided to go get in the Jacuzzi tub instead;0  We are back home and I did enjoy coming into a clean home and quiet home, watching American Idol and honestly ready for bed.  Have work tomorrow and get my hair cut:0 I need it done.  Steve and I enjoyed our day, glad to be homeSmile hugs and nite!

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