Friday, May 13, 2011

On my way:)

Always on my way, to where today? Van Buren to help Hannah and MarkSmile Excited to see how much Luke has grown and bring April home.  Steve's  brother Biff has been in the hospital so he will go see him in the morning, he lives about 30-45 minutes form Hannah.  Victoria is with usSmile  Last night I was so proud of Sarah, she graduated in her nursing, she has about one more year and will be a RN, so she still has school but she has worked very hard to get where she is!!sarah grad 006the blonde, is the back of Sarah,sarah grad 007Cole watched for her, we yelled for her when they called her nameSmilesarah grad 009he is soooooo cute!!! 

Had a good week, the group I am doing for ladies on Tuesday night is totally awesome, it is really blessing me to be able to do it, getting to know some neat ladies.  I was in continue education for six hours yesterday, then went to mother’s, not sure she knew me, but she was doing well, Faye was with her and mother was just resting in her chair, we talked and visited, then Steve and I went home to watch NCIS, which was one of the best and it left me hanging till next Tuesday!! I hate it when shows do thatSad smile Olivia’s birthday is Thursday, she will be three, so I thought we might could do a birthday dinner tomorrow for her, I am getting settled with out them here, makes it easier that Jenn and the girls came home, I can hear them playing and enjoy playing with themSmile I am just spoilt1001[1]it to my grand babies!!  I have not said much about my April lately, she still lives with the Harris family, that is her boyfriends parents, she is doing well, still not agreeing  of the relationship she is in, but praying daily and leaving it with GodSmile He does not have Grand Children, she belongs to HIM! 

Kay is so busy with Clay and Marylee’s wedding, she will be so ready for a break when she gets though this, she is doing well.  Actually all is going smooth right now for us, and it feels real good!! I need my business to pick up, like for realSmile I have some loans in closing but this has been the worst I have experienced in a slow market, just staying focused and keep digging for the worm, so pray for me some new listings so I can get some buyers!! Someitmes you have to go backwards before you can go forward………..where I have beenSmile  Best run….hugs

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