Sunday, May 15, 2011

whew home, home again:)

Nothing like coming homeSmile  We had a great weekend at Hannah bluke3and Mark’s.  Friday afternoon when we got there we did some shopping, had lasagna and salad, for dinner, it was tasty, then I stayed up with baby Luke Friday night, he is such a good babybluke1bluke

I gave him his first bath, his navel cord had fallen off and it looks real goodSmilehappy birthday olivia lukes first bath 048He did not like his bath, but loved being cuddled afterwards.happy birthday olivia lukes first bath 052 Since we were there we decided to have Olivia’s birthdayhappy birthday olivia lukes first bath 015she is three this Thursdayhappy birthday olivia lukes first bath 039happy birthday olivia lukes first bath 027small family party but so much fun!! Olivia loves toy story and loved her gifts!  So glad we got to share it with them!  Then Saturday we cleaned, cleaned, cleaned and cleaned some more, we got so much done! Hannah and Mark got a swing set they bought from a neighbor and a bb goalSmile got a trampoline, so now the kids are set with things to play on, Steve and Mark put it all together, the kids played, and got up went out and played some more…this will help having a back yard that is like a play ground!  Blake called it a play ground!  So proud of Hannah and Mark, they have adjusted so well, Mark went back to work Saturday, but no doubt in my mind that Hannah will  be just fine, I love going down and helping them.  Belinda will be there this week, then they are coming here for Memorial day and Hannah and Luke have Dr. appointments.  Not sure if we will hang here or go to the condo, just playing it by ear, I have Journey Church Kids that Sunday and Hospitality so we will be at church for sure, may just drive home form lake then drive back.   I woke up today with a real bad headache, hurt to the point I was nauseated, of course Hannah gave me a half of a zophran and that helped with the nausea, when were were leaving Max ran up to tell me bye, I bent down and we head butted, I thought it knocked me out, I saw black, just held onto him, could not even help him for me about to pass out, then my head pounded, so on the drive home I tried to sleepWinking smile April shared some very personal things going on in her so please keep her in your prayers, this is such a hard time for her, which makes my heart hurt, and Victoria had some things going on that need prayer to, so it was a heart wrenching ride home with a bad head ache, I did dose off after our talk, but my heart ached for both of them.  Thank you for praying! I am ready fro bed and on my way there…hugs and nite

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