Thursday, April 1, 2010

Who is in control?

If you read yesterday’s blog you know I had my day all planned out.  I got up early and went to do my walk through, felt yucky and my low back was hurting, then started feeling worse, went to the closing, then to office, I knew I could not take another step, let them know I could not do CE and came home, turned my phone off, went to bed by 9:00am and woke about 2ish, very achy and sick, took temperature had 101 and very nauseated.  Went back to sleep till 9pm when Steve woke me and took some Tylenol and went back to sleep till this am. I think my body just shut down.  Today I feel weak but much better, back is still bothering me but better, just took a Jacuzzi bath and got dressed.  I guess it just goes to show you can just turn the phone off and crash and the world goes on as if you were right there:)  Steve will take mother and Walt today to Jared’s house so he can measure.  I do have a appointment this evening at 7ish that I hope I make:)

April 2001 is when my first grandson arrived, his name was William Wyatt Averitt, I have been sad today but know I will see him in Heaven::)william wyatt God has been so faithful to my family in seeing us though the valley of the shadow of death…….there is son shine in the valley, you just have to look for it:)sunset

Looking forward to my family coming over for Easter, it should be a pretty day and a great family time:) We will go to Mercy Cross Easter church Sat. at 5ish then family come over Sunday after noon for lunch and Easter egg hunt for the babies:) I love hiding eggs, it has been a long time tradition my brother started to put money in the eggs, so I have carried it out, prize egg is ten dollars!!  My secret is usually telling where the prize egg is to someone, maybe this year I can keep it a secret:) not sure though!  I may have to do two prize eggs so I can tell one and not tell the other:) Have great day!! HUGS

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Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I am glad you are feeling better. Yes, I am a believer in the "big shut down" when you are ailing. I think it is curative. Have a Happy Easter! C