Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday and liking it!


me and Max, Blake, Olivia...........I miss them so much:)

ooops, front door, side ways:)

Covered patio, she has a big back yard

House is four bedrooms, three baths, lg. family room, wonderful kitchen, formal dinning.....they love it and so do I!

Well I did not go to sleep last night till 3ish and got up at 7ish:((( so I am tired tonight, will go to bed early:) Have some pics of Hannah's home, she has it all so nice, still has some pics to hang but she has got it real straight. They love it here, Max loves his school here and the kids have settled in, so has Hannah and Mark, Mark loves his job and they love him! Today has been a frustrating day in some areas, sometimes it makes me think why do I do this business???? But then I think it through and think how rewarding it is when I help people with the biggest investment of their life and walk them through it. The to see their dreams come true in their home ownership, it such a rewarding feeling so I keep on keeping on, but if all days were like today I think I would forget the feeling and think I outta here......there is a saying no good deed goes unpunished and it feels very true today, I came to the place to say I give up, if it closes it close and if not it will just not close, I have done all I can.......Steve and I and April left and came to Van Buren for the night to see the grand babies and mark and Hannah, the babies were yelling Nana and daddygrand and just ran with arms open wide grabbing us, smiling ear to ear:) I loved it! I would like living in Northern Arkansas if all my children did:))) Well we are going to watch a movie and then to bed for me:) all is well in my household and I hope it is in yours!

Ok, I have some homes I need sold, on in Sherwood on Wildberry, very nice home, hardwoods and just totally cared for, I need it sold so they can buy my listing on Flintrock, please pray with me the right buyer for the Wildberry home:)))) and a buyer to come soon:)) I pray for all my listings and I know God send me business, I meet the neatest people, that is a reward of this job and I love it, in thinking I would not do anything else, I just need to learn to let go of the abusive buyers/sellers and let someone else help them instead of striving, I then fall into my counselor mode:( which you bout have to be to get through some closings....any how pray for this house to sell:)) have one on Flight ct. the seller needs sold like yesterday, she is a older lady and transferred to China, so pray a buyer in for that one:) tks for the prayers:)))) hugs and nite!

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