Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunny Shiney Day!

These past few days have been so nice, warm, sunny and just the right amount of wind! The Averiit's have moved in next door, the girls will spend their first night in their own beds tonight. They went to Jenn's mothers Friday and came home Sunday, then spend Sunday night here, since Jenn and Laila had the tummy bug I was worried that Peyton was feeling sick, she was in bed with Steve and I and would whimper in her sleep and sorta hiccup, I had Steve get a towel and bowl in case, once I was trying to go back to sleep and Peyton turned into me and was so sweet, I thought PLEASE do not throw up all over me, in which she did not and she has been fine:)) Thank the Lord! Its been hectic but a good hectic around here, the kids have been in and out with Jared and Jenn moving, different ones helped move and I cooked for them all, which I love to cook and love it more when people eat it! In which they did, I made a roast, potatoes, carrots one night, chicken and dumplings and green beans, then tac0 salad and cheese dip, tonight was the very best, fried pork chops, mashed potatoes, black eyed peas and made english peas, in which I do not eat, whole nother story:) rolls and a yummy strawberry short cake with pie crust:)) Jenn's nanny is here so I was glad she could come and eat with us, I will probably get to see them more with Jared and Jenn next door, but just realized I will not get to see Regina as much, that is Marks mother:((((
Open house was great yesterday, although I did not get a offer, I had a good turn out and possible buyers interested:) I need it sold:) I had and appraisal come in 12.500.00 low in PARKHILL....I am so sick of low is so hard to get people loans then now to have such a problem with appraisals, I challenged it and got him up, so my deal will stay together but it is such a hassle to do all that, I am just thankful I had an appraiser that would listen and look at my comps:) Tomorrow is sales meeting and its not going to rain...YEA!!! Will be a full day of fun, looking at new properties and getting offers accepted! I wrote a offer last night and t house got three offers on it:((((( we will be in counter. Got two offers on my Indian Hills listing, trying to make it work:) it is busy in real estate right now. I am thankful I can do it form my home so I can help Jenn and Jared this week, her Nanny is here to help now, I know Jenn loved having her here. So its work in the office for me:) Well I have not been back to mothers in a week, feel guilty but having a hard time going, I talk with her daily and Kay has been but I know I have to walk in there and face and love and accept Walt. I have some dinners to take over so maybe I can do that tomorrow, I thought of going tonight but was so ready to sit in my chair in my quiet home and watch TV and blog and play poker on face book:) so I did!!
Best run and get me some strawberries and play poker cause I may not stay up much longer:) hugs

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alicia said...

I agree..... I am sooooooo sick of low appraisals!!!