Friday, April 16, 2010

Restfull Friday

when Max saw us:)))

yum yum

1st school house

Max and daddygrand at lunch

Max and his teacher

Today has been a day of family, rest and food:) Steve and I went to Max's school for lunch, his school is really nice and the teachers are great, they have alot going on in that school:) the halls are inviting with all kinds of stimulus. We enjoyed being with him. He does not want us to leave:( but tomorrow Have a full day of work, so gotta get back in the swing of it, but sure enjoyed my day. After we left the school we went to the historic downtown area, it was neat, lots of shops and some neat places to eat, they have a train station and you can ride the train:)) also the first school house. Then came home and took a long nap, then worked in Hannah's yard, have a blister on my hand, I never work in the yard but really enjoyed it, then just chilled with the best dinner, Hannah and Mark grilled shrimp, Hannah marinated them in the Chili's recipe:) Steaks and Salmon, Cesar salad and french good:) Then I was done for and just sat and played on ready for bed.....Hugs and nite

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