Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Catching up...if you can:)

Seems like more and more I say oh my where do I start??? Last Sunday I showed property and then Steve and I took a last load to Hannah's, we spent the night, I love her home, she is about to get it all unpacked. The kids love it and Mark is so close to work he can be home in three minutes!! God is blessing them! I am not sure if I told you mother and walt will move to Jared's house a few blocks away and jared and jenn are moving to hannah's next door, this will all happen the end of the month!
I think this is perfect timing for Mother and Walt, mother is much worse with her Alzheimer's, I will be so thankful to have them close, seems like we were there s many times last and this week, Kay went on a Er run Monday, all was fine just some confusion on mother's part. It is so very difficult to look at your mother and not find her.........well that is all I will say about that for now.

My friends sweet baby Kenadi passed away and we had her graveside service yesterday, you will not believe this but I did the service and God was so faithful to me. I knew I was to do it, the Lord woke me up a few weeks back and started telling me what to wried how the Lord works. I was not for sure I could with out crying all the way though it but God had my emotions so in check, I was able to just share and read scriptures, I could actually feel HIM talking through me to Brandon and Casia and the family. I pray He brings them comfort, I am thankful the Lord will even use me. To know He sees all about me and loves me is amazing!

Showed property last night, gonna list their home Thursday and write a offer on my listing:) YEA God!! Have a walk through this am at 8:00am then closing then CE from 9-3 then open house at Chenalwoods Condos then get Walt and mother and go to Jared's for Walt to measure:)
Gotta let him be the boss, it is so much easier for me to be the boss:)))))

Oh yes, God was faithful to let me have a crying time and release all these emotions:) we went to Victory North a friends of ours church Monday night, they had a guest speaker, the worship was so anointed and the Lord just touched me and touched me:) I am so thankful He is my friend!

Now best get with it and go to work...have a great day! HUGS!

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