Saturday, April 24, 2010

whew! It has been a week

dinner I cooked, chicken fried chicken, green beans, max and cheese creamed potatoes, white gravy, bread in warm butter, can I say comfort food night!
April and Amelia

dinner, chicken Cesar salad, homemade chicken noodle soup, home made croutons, rolls and butter:) more healthy except Alex and Steve at two loves of the bread:)

Amelia and her daddy after her bath!

I do not even know where to began, I have worked so many buyers and sellers and offers and drove all over every where, this tax credit is for sure boosted our Real Estate market! Since last Sunday I have put in 76 or 74 hours and drove from about 800 miles! But wrote 6 offers and listed one home! YEA! I have open house at Chenalwoods condos tomorrow then I am off to Florida for my 38th wedding anniversary! I cannot wait! This weekend Jill is at a ladies conference and Steve and I came out to Alex and Jill's and spent the night, I got to help with Miss Amelia! She is so funny, all she does is smile and play and talk! She is a good baby, what I could not believe because she is only six moths old, when Jill called this am, Alex put her on speaker phone and Amelia pucker out her lip, then tonight when she called and Amelia heard her voice she just pucker up and cried, I actually think she misses Jill, she has only been away from her maybe 6 hours of her life, I just did not know babies did that, she must be real smart:))) when she heard her voice she knew it was her mommy. I am thankful for this time with her and with Alex, I worked this afternoon and Steve and Alex never got dressed but just stayed in and talked and played with Amelia.....what fun for Steve! Steve loves and lives for his children, ( and me and for sure God for all htose who thought God must be first) he enjoys just being with them and talking, and they all make time to do that, I am so thankful that God has blessed me with children that are close and that are close with Steve and I:) Plus all the in laws I have are wonderful, I love them like my own and feel loved by them:)) I am a blessed woman:) and a tired woman...oh yes I have been fired by a seller, first time this has ever happened to me, but I can honestly say I did not do anything wrong, her home did not appraise, she used to work with appraisers and even though I told her it was priced too high, she felt I was wrong, she also wanted to write her own ads and change the way out MLS is, MLS a web site for Realtor's to all have their listings on for agents to use, to be honest I am glad because with her no good deed goes unpunished, her home is sold and will close but another agent will be the one talking with her. I had a buyer/investor who was abusive and would be so demanding, it I had a personal life he was mad, he was jealous of my family and God forbid if I went on vacation, he would call daily and totally stress me out with wanting only me to do something, so then a situation came up and I realized how much I was stressing out due to his behavior and I quit working for him and it felt soooooooo good! That's how I feel about this seller, even though I have totally gone beyond what I should of for her, nothing was appreciated she only demanded more, then when that did not happen said mean things.......sooooo I thought this is it, no more being too nice, if the deal closes fine and if not fine but that seller needs a wake up call:)) the things we sometimes go though in dealing with the public......gotta love it:) and gotta go to bed...hugs and nite, next pics will be of the ocean.................YAHOOOOO! One good thing I cannot make babies:))) tee hee


Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Some people are just "takers" and you can never please them. You are so right that it is best to just let them go and suffer the consequences. Maybe someday they'll learn they can't treat people that way! Have fun in Florida! Wish I was there! V.

Anonymous said...

I am very glad that you r done with that seller before your anniversary because that would have been the last thing you needed, love you hannah